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Perfect Grooming of the French Bulldog

The Frenchie Dog like any dog ​​needs a series of accessories for walks, games, travel, education and grooming. There are many online stores that specialize in selling dog accessories, so it is important to find good quality, reliable products that are safe for dog health. We have established a list of accessories that are needed in the daily life of a French bulldog dog in order to contribute to its well-being.

Walking Accessories

Harness: The harness is one of the favorite accessories among French bulldog owners. Being of a brachycephalic breed, these dogs prefer to breathe through their noses, which is why the use of a collar can cause breathing difficulties. The harness, on the contrary, distributes the pressure on the dog’s thorax, also reducing the risk of neck injury.

Muzzle: The muzzle is an accessory that dogs rarely appreciate, but there are cases where wearing a muzzle even in a French bulldog is essential (public transport, trips, visits to the vet, etc.). There are several types of muzzle: nylon, metal and leather. For a French bulldog, it would be better to choose a basket-shaped muzzle made of metal or leather. It is certainly the best muzzle for everyday use in a French bulldog, allowing the dog to drink, pant without allowing him to bite.

Necklace: The use of a dog collar is widespread; it is often one of the accessories that we buy first with the appearance of a dog in the house. There are different types of necklaces depending on their use, made of leather, nylon and metal. For everyday use it is recommended to choose a light and comfortable nylon or leather collar, metal collars are recommended for education sessions or exhibitions. In any case, you must also take into account the character and temperament of your French bulldog, choosing the model that is the most comfortable and the size (with a width not more than 30 mm).

Leave: The leash is an essential accessory in every home where a French Bulldog lives. This accessory protects the dog against various dangers in town, prevents the dog from approaching other people or dogs. The leash is a link between the dog and his master. When choosing a leash, take one of good quality, thick, comfortable, of good length, appropriate for your dog’s size and your activities.

Blood Sausages and Toys

Toys and puddings game and drive (reminder, motivation, and reward) are an integral part in the daily life of a French bulldog. They are essential for good physical and intellectual development, as well as for mental balance. The sausage as the toy is a sedative, anti-stress accessory which also promotes teething, massages the gums, cleans the teeth, and takes care of oral hygiene. Playing with toys and sausages strengthens the muscles of the jaw, neck and back, helping to build good relationships in the whole family.

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