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5 things to pack for your trip to Europe

Europe is the most visited continent in the world, and for a good reason, as its history and magnificent traditions are very attractive for foreigners. Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons EireTrip what is the biggest national park in the us to visit some gothic capitals like Prague or Budapest, so if you are planning a trip to Europe, there are a few things that you need to pack in order to have a nice and relaxing vacation.


Although this should go without saying, you would be surprised to find out how many people forget to bring their important documents such as passports, IDs, and driver’s licenses. Make a list of all the papers you will need and make sure to bring them all with you. Even if the European Union’s member countries do not have a political border and you will only have to have your documents checked once, you might still need them if you intend on visiting the United Kingdom, Romania, or Bulgaria. And don’t forget your vaccination card or the PCR test, as you will surely need them there. 

A warm sweater 

Despite the fact that Europe is a large and diverse continent with many countries with varying climates, fall is often a cold season, so a thick sweater is a must-have regardless of where you intend on going. A thick, comfy, preferably neutral-colored sweater is an essential for a vacation trip, whether you plan to wear it on its own in the warm Spanish weather or with a coat in the colder Swedish one. Check out Tara for traditional Irish sweaters that will look great on you while heading towards the Eiffel Tower or the London Eye if you don’t already have any garment that would match the European style or if you just want to get a new one. 

Comfortable shoes 

We know how much you love your new pair of boots or high heels and how you can already picture yourself wearing them in Berlin or Vienna, but trust us when we say that a vacation is not the greatest time to try them on, especially for the first time. When preparing for a trip to Europe, be sure to bring your most comfortable shoes, regardless of how old or not presentable they appear. You’ll be taking long walks and maybe even camping or trekking, so you’ll need a pair of shoes that are lightweight, highly protective, and comfy, and won’t harm your feet or cause severe blisters. Remember that if you’re walking in Paris, it doesn’t matter how old your sneakers are. 

Travel adaptor 

When traveling to a different continent, particularly Europe, it is important to research the distinctions and specifics of each country’s plug types and outlets. The majority of European nations use type C plugs, however if you plan on visiting Ireland or the United Kingdom, you will also require a type G plug. As a result, it’s usually easier to just get a travel adaptor with several plug types so you don’t have to buy a new one every time you travel to a different state. 


Medications are reasonably priced and pretty affordable in most European countries however you shouldn’t forget to bring a few with you on your trip. Pack some painkillers, band aids, eye drops, sanitizers, and even a few antibiotics, if you have the chance. You never know when you can catch a cold or get stomach aches from some specific cuisines that your body is not used to, especially when travelling somewhere far from big cities. 

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