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16 Ultimate Tips For Closet Organization

Are you someone with major OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and prefer watching Marie Kondo’s videos in your free time? In that case, this article is just the right one for you to satisfy your OCD.

A suburban household such as any in Maple Grove implies plenty of space in the house. Furthermore, it leads to hoarding – more the space, more the stuff. With the right organizing skills, you can fit everything in the space. Moreover, you will be able to quickly identify where everything is kept.

So, if you are looking for a closet organization in Maple Grove, MN, read this article to learn more.

Tips for Closet Organization

Here are some tips to make your life easy by organizing your closet.

Matching Hangers

Besides making your closet aesthetic, they will also help arrange your clothes in a color-coded manner.

Use Baskets

Compartmentalizing your closet can make it easier to spot your belongings while also keeping your closet neat.

Increase Space

By adding some door racks, you can utilize every inch of space in your closet.

Prioritize Arrangement

Keep the frequently used items in the front and at eye level. Tuck away the less used items on a higher shelf.

Use Clothing Dividers

Divide your clothes by season, and it will be easier to find the right garment.

Install a Built-in Hamper

It can make an excellent place to shove clothes instead of having them lying around the floor.

Use Shower Rings 

Why devote a hanger each for every scarf when you can hang them all from shower rings hooked to a hanger!

Utilize Vertical Spaces

Add hooks to the sides of the closet at varying heights to utilize all the vertical space as well.

Label Your Closet

Once you’ve labeled your closet, finding any specific item will take only seconds.

Install a Shoe Rack

Instead of having your footwear occupy plenty of floor space, use a shoe rack to organize them neatly.

Use Drawer Organizers

Given the number of things we stuff inside a drawer; it can be nearly impossible to find any small item. Use drawer organizers to see everything that is inside in a single glance.

Dedicated Hanging Space

Hang your long and short garments in dedicated hanging spaces to keep your closet neat.

Keep Seasonal Items Easily Accessible

You would not want to look for sweaters during winter because your closet only has your summer clothes handy. Ensure that your seasonal items are handy.

Tip: Store your items in baskets. Rotate their positions to bring the relevant ones to the lower shelf.

Use Space Saving Folding Techniques

To optimize your closet space, learn better folding techniques that can also keep your garment in good condition.

Tip: Fit bras inside each other to save space.

Hang Jewelry

Do not hold up drawer space for jewelry. Instead, hang a jewelry organizer in your closet to accommodate your earrings, neckpieces, and more.

Place the Hanging Rod Higher

By increasing the height of the rod, you can free up space below and put it to better use. For instance, you could add some drawers or a shoe rack underneath it.

Wrapping Up

Whether you require closet organization in Maple Grove, MN, or an urban city, these tips will help maximize space.

You can say goodbye to messy shelves and clothes racks by following these tips. These tips will come in handy regardless of whether you have a walk-in closet or a tiny one. However, before you start organizing your closet, take everything out to get a sense of the volume of your belongings.

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