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Wide Plank Flooring and Its Pros and Cons

Wide plank flooring is referred to as solid wood flooring. Planks those are wider than 21/2 to 4 inches wider board make up the majority in the wood flooring market. Now the tendency for all the hardwood flooring is towards the wider plank that is up to 4 inches, true wide-plank flooring is a small subset for the hardwood flooring market.

Wide traditional plank flooring boards are made from a solid wood board that is scraped by hand, so it technically has a rough-hewn texture on the surface. A wide plank flooring board can be bought as a reclaimed board, but several manufacturers also offer a new board that tries and aims to reduce the hype of vintage distress or texture of the original milling process.

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The reason why wide plank flooring is categorized as the high budget flooring is its width size. Wide boards are always in demand for long planks as they appear visually proportional. Achieving boards this long and wide can mean that number of trees is suitable, and there is a considerable amount of waste included in the milling of such board from a tree.

Since the branch is not suitable enough genuine wide planks are always been cut from the trunk of a tree. The expense and scarcity of the new wide plank is a reason for this market to be delicate with boards made from reclaimed wood.

Pros and cons of wide plank


  • It gets a classy look in your home.
  • It has the fewest seams
  • It blends well with rustic themed décor
  • It adds up the real estate value


  • It is on the higher budget side
  • It has a limited availability
  • Usually made up for special orders
  • Prone to getting along with extreme climates

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The price range of wide plank flooring

As mentioned earlier it is more expensive than any other kind of wood flooring materials and labor. Fixing reclaimed wood needs a well-skilled person to deal with the selection of the pieces, take of the gapping, match the wood grains, and cupping between boards.

Just the material alone of wide plank hardwood which is recently manufactured from solid wood can cost you $12 to $50 per square foot. Reclaimed wide plank flooring can get a little cheaper almost $10 per square foot but the price gets varied depending on wood species. The amount of installation of planks being added is at least $2 per square foot.

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Installation price can get on a higher side in case of reclaimed flooring than a new plank and for flooring installed with varied width boards that can get intensive for labor to install.

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