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What are the Different Categories Flooring is Classified Into?

Decoration of your home is only complete even you finalize the proper flooring. Old floors can look worn out and that can make your home look nothing more than dull. Apart from getting the walls painted, including accessories and furniture replacement, the most important thing that demands attention is the flooring of your home. Nowadays, there are many categories in which flooring is divided, and here are the options that you can go for:

  • Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl is such a flooring option that provides a lot of flexibility because vinyl in itself gas high resilience which makes you feel very soft beneath the foot. It is made out of a PVC veneer made on a layer of felt. You can also make use of vinyl floors in the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of your home which remain moist.

  • Carpet Flooring 

This is undoubtedly the best flooring option you can use for the regions such as bedrooms and living rooms that have low exposure to dust and grim. Carpets need proper care and maintenance at regular intervals.

  • Hardwood Flooring 

Another widely preferred option is hardwood flooring Raleigh mostly because they don’t require very high maintenance and they can also be cleaned by swiping once with a moist mop.

  • Engineered Wood Flooring 

The flooring which is done with the help of engineered wood can look alike solid wood, but it is manufactured in a different way than the wood. It consists of a very thin layer made up of organic wood on the top which shows a grainy texture apart from the low-cost veneers under it. This can also be a reliable flooring option for your home or office.

Mentioned above are some reliable flooring options that you can go for. All these options can be suitable to be used in both your home as well as office. However, you only need to assure that you are hiring a trusted company like the flooring contractor RaleighThere are different ways by which you can be informed about the flooring companies that are located in your region.

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