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Smart Solutions for the Practical Use in CBD Boxes

Today, in an age in which products, mainly consumer goods, hardly differ from competing offers and are becoming increasingly homogeneous. If the product already has the same benefits in kind as the competition, it can only distinguish itself through different appearance benefits because the consumer is increasingly looking for an emotional experience in consumption and shopping CBD display box. Even over 80% of consumers see shopping as a positive experience in the sense of a leisure activity. Design principles that are used to satisfy these requirements are often based on perceptual psychological findings.

Focus On Your Experience

The facts just explained make the construction of worlds of experience unavoidable. In this way, the world of experience can offer a product an emotional home. In a sense, it is the transmission belt with which the packaging turns the product into a star, giving it charisma, glamor and fascination. Ideally, the world of experience should already be laid down in the packaging concept and, if necessary, oriented towards a single product, product range or the entire packaging system of a company. Worlds of experience should entice customers to buy through fictional suggestions for experiences and the representation of ideal images.

The packaging serves to a certain extent as a hologram with the ability to activate the world of experience in all its dimensions in the consumer’s mind by means of a single image signal. Only a differentiated, experience-oriented product or Sleeve Boxes packaging design is ultimately able to create corresponding preferences and a high shopping experience. In this way, optimal packaging design can create worlds in which, activated by internal images, the product and environment become an experience and the brand becomes the basis of trust that supports the product, which is ultimately intended to encourage customers to buy.

Multi-Sensory Packaging

The packaging offers the possibility to experience a product or a brand in a multi-sensual way, in comparison to other classic communication channels such as TV advertising, where only the sense of hearing and sight are addressed, or print advertising, where only the sense of sight is activated. The packaging, on the other hand, can convey multi-sensual consumer experiences and appeal to the following sensory organs:

The Sense of Sight

Optics is a visual stimulus constellation that is perceived and recognized from the optic nerve at the sight of the package; this triggers emotions and thought processes. Importance of the CBD Labels is increasing as well there. Objectively the same stimuli can, however, be perceived subjectively and cause different arousal and thought processes. Certain influencing factors can play a role here; such as stimulus-dependent sensations (visual acuity, light-dark adaptation, color sensations, contrast, distance and depth, movement, form and shape).

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