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Oracle to Mysql Database Migration

Oracle and MySQL belong to the class of popular RDBMS enriched with wide range of capabilities, administration frameworks and programming APIs. However, Oracle has much more strict licensing policy and high cost of ownership than MySQL. This is the primary motivation for many organizations to migrate their databases from Oracle to MySQL.

Since both databases management systems are quite complicated and often used for large corporate-scale warehouses, manual migration may take a lot of time and resources. There is also high risk of losing data integrity or breaking database logics because of human factor. In order to avoid this, it is greatly recommended to use special software automating process of database migration.

One of solutions for this purpose is Oracle to MySQL converter offered by Intelligent Converters software company. They are one of world leading software company focusing on database migration and synchronization since 2001. The product supports all versions of Oracle and MySQL including such forks as MariaDB or Percona and SAAS variations. Command line support allows to use the tool to script and automate database migration. Besides transferring the data into new database, Oracle to MySQL converter can merge or synchronize existing MySQL database with Oracle data.

Another powerful feature of the product is migration of SELECT-queries result. With this option users can filter rows, rename columns or even merge multiple tables into single one during the database migration. Here are few examples of using the feature for various purposes.

  • Filtering records: SELECT * FROM This Table WHERE Key Col > 100 and Key Col < 1000
  • Renaming particular columns: SELECT column 1 AS Name, column 2 as Phone FROM Customers
  • Combining columns from two different tables into the single one: SELECT Orders.ID as Order ID, Customers.Name as Customer Name FROM Orders INNER JOIN Customers ON Orders.Customer ID = Customers.ID

Sometimes MySQL server running on Linux/Unix machines does not allow remote connection.In those situations, Oracle to MySQL converter can export the data into MySQL script as collection of CREATE and INSERT statements. Later database administrator or another specialist responsible for database migration can import that script to MySQL server using standard tools.

  • MySQL console client: mysql –h server_IP_or_network_name -u user_name -p –vvf database_name < script_file
  • phpMyAdmin web-interface:
  • Click on the appropriate database name in the left pane
  • Navigate to ‘SQL’ section at the top of the page
  • Enter full path to the script file in ‘Path of the text file’ field or snap ‘Browse’ button to find it through the directory tree.
  • Click ‘Go’ button.

(Note, that phpMyAdmin forbids importing scrips that contain ‘CREATE DATABASE’ statement)

Visit official page of Oracle to MySQL converter to learn more about the product:

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