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How to Choose an Extended warranty?

Car buying is not an investment it is a luxury and also you have to spend constantly on petrol, washing and regular maintenance. Besides, you need to pay for accidental repairs and wear and tear, which might be costly. The car dealers give you a warranty for a year or two. After that, you need to pay for the car repairs and replacements which might consume your money faster. So, an extended warranty for a car is much more helpful after the first few years of using the car. It reduces most of the cost of your repairs, replacement, and other bills.

Before choosing a warranty for an automobile, you need to ensure that it covers an array of damages and costs. Before choosing one, you need to compare the prices and coverage of the car dealer’s warranty offer and that of third-party warranty coverage. They also provide different schemes which might work well for you. So, let us understand how to choose an extended warranty.

How to Choose an Extended warranty

What does it Cover?

It usually covers repairs like engine and electrical damage, but it needs to cover accidental damage and wear and tear of all the parts. The labor cost should be taken care of, and you should be able to repair any place and shouldn’t be limited to only the places approved by the warranty provider. If your car breaks down in another state, you cannot wait for your approved mechanic to arrive to tow the car unless your car has free towing coverage. Please note these and check for them in the terms and conditions column.

Also, make a note of what isn’t covered. Issues like rodent infestation, disaster, and calamity damages are usually covered by an insurance company, not by a warranty provider. Warranty providers do not cover issues like paint, dents, upholstery, etc.

The warranty periods

There are two ways the warranty provides calculate the period; it is either in years or miles. Based on your usage, work on a period that comes for a more extended period.

The Claim Limit

Sometimes, these warranty service providers limit the number of times you can service your car to save money for themselves. Still, some trustworthy companies offer unlimited claims during the very beneficial period.

It works for an old car

If you have owned a car for a while now, you can still claim a warranty and pay the sum appropriate to get the repairs and replacements done. If your car is in running condition, you can pay for a warranty and get it repaired.

Select Auto protect

Instead of scanning multiple warranty providers’ websites and comparing them, here is a trustworthy choice. You can choose Select Auto-Protect to get coverage protection for your car. They bring in 30 years of experience and expertise and are always available at your beck and call if you need a repair. Their plans cover a wide range of spare parts and are affordable.


Buying an extended warranty for a car can be tricky with numerous options in the market, and the feeling that we might not use it that much could make you doubt it. But having one alongside an insurance cover might prove beneficial in case of a breakdown or failure as you are even offered a free towing service.

I hope these pointers will help and if you are looking for a deeper understanding of the subject and warranty providers, go to

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