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How Do You Style A Blouse?

Discover our advice on how to style a blouse well according to your body type. You can wear a blouse like a women’s shirt with everything (or almost), it all depends on the look you want: casual, working girl, grunge, masculine/feminine, etc.

How To Wear A White Blouse?

A basic that we have all in our closet, the white blouse is not just for job interviews and other business meetings.

The classic white shirt can be worn with everything: jeans, a skirt, pants, or even shorts. You have to find the right balance depending on the style you want! To be trendy and modern, wear a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

If you have a small breast, you can afford a cleavage. Attention, if the buttons are ready to explode at the chest level, it will be necessary to take a size above! If you don’t have a tiny tummy, you can also tie the shirt at the front.

How To Wear The Printed Blouse Or The Checked Blouse?

As with the white blouse, a printed or checked blouse can be worn with any bottom as long as the bottom is a solid colour! Indeed, too much print kills print! ^^ Very trendy in autumn, the plaid blouse can be worn open over a T-shirt or a tank top. For a stylish and relaxed look, you can also wear the plaid shirt tied around the waist. Here are three looks with a printed shirt to inspire you

How To Wear The Denim Blouse?

Another basic of our wardrobe, the denim shirt, is a must for a casual look. Wear the denim shirt with denim jeans for a total denim look. Rather long, it can also be worn under a sweater in winter. All shirts are either worn open with a neutral tank top (black, white, Gray, khaki) or worn closed with the sleeves rolled up and a neckline. Here are three look ideas with a denim shirt.

Of course, whatever shirt is worn, it must be ironed. Should the shirt be tucked in or out of the pants or skirt? It is chicer to tuck the shirt in at the bottom as long as the bottom is high waist. Ditto, if you have a belt, the shirt is tucked in. On the other hand, you can leave the shirt out from the bottom if you want to hide your stomach and your hips. Search for buy blouses online Singapore.

There is also the in / out option with the front of the shirt tucked into the pants or skirt while the back of the shirt is pulled out. This last option gives a casual air to the outfit.

The shirt dress is a must-have and gives style to all women. Casual, chic, sportswear, sexy, well accessorized, and highlighted, is firmly trendy and allows you to adopt all styles. But how to wear the shirt dress properly? We tell you everything!

How To Wear A Shirt Dress?

It is essential to follow a few rules in terms of style to wear a shirt dress without false notes and stay at the forefront of fashion:

Think about the accessories: the shirt dress is an essential item of clothing from Yishion women clothing online. Therefore, it must be worn with jewellery, a pretty handbag, why not a hat, to give it style. The accessories bring peps and character to your outfit;

Preferably wear a wide belt for maximum style: the oversized or straight shirt dress is worn with a belt to mark the waist and feminize your look;

Slightly roll up the sleeves of your shirt dress to structure your figure and get a more stylish and modern look;

Please choose the shoes carefully you wear with your shirt dress: they are a vital element to give style to your look: sneakers, sandals, pumps, boots, ankle boots, etc. To be trendy, avoid too classic black shoes and let go by betting on an original shoe model;

Do not be afraid to wear your shirt dress in winter with leggings, raw jeans or tights, and beautiful ankle boots, for example. The women’s denim shirt dress is perfect for this! Remember, the oversize trend is still all the rage!

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