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Highly Expensive Oudh Fragrance Perfect for Men & Women

Ajmal Perfumes Offer Remarkable Discount on Oudh Scents

Oudh is highly luxurious and classy ingredient of raw fragrance. The enchanting smell is extracted from heartwood of fungus infected agar-tree. The fragrance mainly belongs to Bangladesh, India and Southeast Asia. Dissolving the rasin or wood distillation are the two procedures to get this expensive fragrance. You are capable to order this captivating scent with the support of Ajmal perfumes discount code. It is meant to make the costly items within approach of customers.

As far as fungus infection in agarwood tree is concerned, it is stated that one tree out of wild ten trees contain the contaminated heartwood. These trees are explored by the expert perfume-makers to get the matchless whiff of resin. As resin is generated by mold development, therefore only 2% trees are capable to generate this unique fragrance. It is the reason; Oudh fragrance is considered the highly lavish commodity worldwide. Due to its price, Oudh essential oil is known as “Liquid Gold”. The scent of Oudh is concurrently pleasurable, raises warmness and contains smoky notes along with dampened wood touch. It is often mixed with fruit or floral fragrance.

Oudh Fragrance in Contemporary Perfumery

The captivating smell of Oudh has gained considerable value in contemporary perfumery. These days, worldwide celebrated designers have launched Oudh based fragrances such as Oud Wood and Oud Royale. When the Oudh essential oil is utilized in the composition of perfume, it is used as a base note that gives long-lasting fragrance. Get the ajmal perfumes discount code to find some of the best Oudh fragrances on special financial consideration.

Oudh fragrance is connected with spirit serenity and harmony that is capable to discard the negative energies present in your home. Its smell is highly effective that can improve mental clarity and help in overcoming the obsessive and neurotic behavior. If we talk about Middle East tradition, burning of Oudh wood is a favorite activity of men as well as women.

Oudh Fragrance with Olive & Black Musk

Olive contains earthy and floral scent. When it is combined with Oudh scent, the warm and strong aromatic composition works perfectly well for women and men. On the other hand, mixture of Oudh and black musk gives a woody, citrusy, smoky and sweet fresh fragrance.

When Oudh fragrance is applied on the skin, it gives different smell because the body chemistry brings changes in the notes. As Oudh is naturally derived scent, so its fragrance gives different response on different skins. The original scent of Oudh retains its notes when it is applied to dry skin; however oil secretion and sweating intensify the sweetness and Oudh fragrance booms more and more. Do not forget to use Oudh fragrance on special occasions to enjoy fascinating earthy and sweet smell.

Find the exclusive Indian Oudh with Vietnam and Burma origin touch to compose heart-touching notes. The intricate Oudh fragrance oil is blessed with powerful anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Light animalic, woody and smoky note is extremely popular scent in UAE. If you need unforgettable long-lasting fragrance, utilize the ajmal perfumes discount code to choose the world best scents within your range.

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