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Effects of Vaping On Your Dental Health

Vaping has been increasingly popular in Norristown, with millions of people worldwide smoking e-cigarettes. While vaping is often considered to be a safer option than smoking and other forms of tobacco, it can still harm your teeth.

A rising number of teenagers and adults are tempted to vape because they think it is a harmless thing. Unfortunately, vaping can permanently damage the gums and increase the risk of tooth loss. If you vape and have poor dental health, it is time to visit a periodontist in Norristown, PA.

Detrimental effects of vaping on your Dental Health

Vaping is another term for e-cigarettes. These battery-operated devices heat liquid that often contains tobacco or marijuana concentrates or just flavoring without any drugs. Heat causes the fluid to evaporate, and the person inhales the vapor coming out of the e-cigarette via their mouth and into the lungs.

Even though e-cigarettes differ from traditional cigarettes, you still inhale chemicals, including nicotine, through your lips. E-cigarette vapor, like cigarette smoke, comes into touch with your teeth and gums. Let’s get started about how this affects your oral health.

Vaping Damages Gum Health

Nicotine, whether consumed, vaped, or smoked, constricts blood vessels. This means that gum tissue has a reduced blood flow, which can make it difficult to deliver oxygen and nutrients to this crucial tissue and cause it to heal slowly. These issues can put you at risk of getting gum disease, which frequently results in tooth loss.

How Does Vaping Affect Teeth

Speaking of teeth, along with the potential tooth loss caused by advanced gum illness, vaping can have a more direct impact on teeth in various ways. First, the substances found in e-cigarettes can cause your teeth to become yellow or brown. While this is mostly a cosmetic concern, the appearance of your teeth may impact your general wellness.

Furthermore, vaping could dry out your mouth, making it more challenging to prevent cavities. Saliva naturally moves away debris and has antibacterial properties, which protect teeth from decay.

Oral cancers

Since vaping is a relatively new thing, there is not much long-term data on the relationship between cancer and e-cigarettes. However, vaping has been connected to both oral and other malignancies. And, while the risk of cancer from vaping seems to be lower than that of traditional cigarettes, it is still much higher than that of non-vapers and smokers.

If you vape, remember to take precautions to protect your dental health. You can protect your teeth from the damaging effects of vaping by brushing and flossing twice a day, using fluoride toothpaste, and visiting your dentist at regular intervals.

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