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Do Give A Read If You Want To Know About Privacy Policy Of Alexander Sparks

Alexander Sparks wants to convey you to know that they respect and take your privacy seriously and work to secure and protect any personal information you choose to disclose to them. To learn more of how they use your personal information, please read the following Privacy Policy contained in their Terms of Service. Please note that this Privacy Policy is subject to change and any reviews will be posted on their website with the notice of review and the date of the last update. You are advised to regularly review updates and your use of the Alexander Sparks website is considered your agreement and in compliance with their privacy policy.

Use of Information

You are free to visit and use their website without disclosing any personal information. However, if you would like to place an order or inquire, they will collect your personal information such as your name and surname, email, phone number, billing and shipping address, product and service preferences. Except to third parties such as shipping agencies etc your personal information will not be disclose by Alexander Sparks. They provide services authorized by Alexander Sparks. Other than to provide the services required by Alexander Sparks third parties agree not to disclose any information or use it for any purpose.

Collects information

Alexander Spark collects your information to fulfill and follow your orders, improve service, prevent any misuse or potential fraud, provide you with any valuable information on what you may purchase, create a clear picture of customer preferences or access personal information. If you have any questions or concerns about their privacy policy, please call them to speak with a customer service representative.

Use of Cookies

Alexander Sparks may use data collection tools such as cookies to collect non-personally identifiable data for statistical purposes to determine website usage patterns and preferences, so the time you spend on our website is much more enjoyable. You are allowed to open cookies in your browser; however, this may affect the use of your website and make your online purchases incomplete.

Customer personal information is disclosed for the following reasons only:

Disclosure of personal information is required for the completion of the service. Service providers are obliged to keep the data confidential and use it only for service purposes.

Promotions, Discounts, Sales

 If you would like to participate in these events, please sign up for their mailing list. In the event that you are no longer interested in receiving promotional details, please click the “unsubscribe” button. It may take a few days until your unsubscribe request is processed.

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Suspected Fraud

In the event of a misuse of the Alexander Sparks website and related services your personal information may be disclosed without your consent.

Privacy and Security

Alexander Sparks uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect data and security. They have a series of physical, encryption and management procedures that keep your information secure. They use Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology when transmitting personal information online, any data transmitted online will be 100 percent secure is assured only by them.

 Children under 13 years of age

Minors are not allowed to use the Alexander Sparks website without parental guidance or guardians. Customer privacy is very important to us and we highly respect your personal information, in the event that we accidentally collect any personal data of children and children under 13, we will discard it and remove it immediately. For information on protecting children’s privacy online please visit the FTC website at

Learn more about Third Links

Alexander Sparks can provide third-party links on his website. Alexander Sparks is clear about the fact that is they are not responsible for any potential third party dealings with your third party use of your personal information. Your potential involvement with third parties is communicated at your discretion. You are strongly encouraged to check the Privacy Policy of a third party for further information.

Details Correction

You are welcome to request an understanding of your information collected by Alexander Sparks in the event of incorrect information, so the information may be corrected. For any additional questions regarding the Privacy Policy please contact the Customer Service Department.

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