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Complete guide about Blackout curtain

Complete guide about Blackout curtain

So many people have installed blackout curtains in their homes, especially in the bedroom or that area where they need complete privacy. These curtains are ideal for those people who work at night and want to take a rest in the daytime to refresh themself fresh. These curtains help you to sleep soundly in this blog we will explore what a blackout curtain is, all the benefits and downsides of blackout curtains that may help you in buying.

What is a blackout curtain?

These curtains are just like shades or drapes which are being used for the covering of Doors and windows, it stops light to pass through the curtain it also stops the aspects of streetlight, cars light and so many other sources of light these curtains are helpful to provide an extra layer of protection over shades or blinds.


Most people like to install blackout curtains in their bedrooms because they don’t like direct sun exposure it has been proven from so many experiments that the human body produced melatonin in the dark and it naturally helps your hormone to regulate circadian rhythms or sleep-wake cycle, these curtains help you to sleep faster and keep snoozing longer.


A blackout curtain is the cheapest way to maintain your home privacy and health although it has various benefits which are as follows.

  • These curtains are helpful for those people who work at night and want to take a rest in the daytime but because of direct sunlight or noise pollution, they can’t sleep well and become frustrated.
  • If you are a housewife or a home ho our after looking after your work and kids if you can’t sleep because of extra sun exposure then you should install these curtains it can give you protection against light and sun heat and easily you can take rest or watch your Favorites movie, drama without the distraction of light.
  • These curtains are also helpful to maintain the privacy of your home, and nobody can hear your secrets.
  • These curtains are also helpful for you during extreme weather because they stop sun rays and warm air in summer to give comfort and stop the cold winds in winter to make you relax at home.

 Drawbacks of blackout curtain

As we all know these curtains have so many benefits but besides all these, they also have Drawbacks which you never know let us guide you all about it.

  • These curtains have some health-related issues. Manufacturers use polyvinyl chloride or PVC. These chemicals are not friendly to the human body because they can enter the human body through air particles and damage human health by these methods.
  • It creates air and groundwater pollution.
  • It can damage the human immune and reproductive system.
  • These curtains are the major cause of landfill gases which lead to landfill fires.
  • It increases the risk of brain and liver cancer.

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