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Buying Condo Like a Pro Made Simple

Investing in a condo is often the most important decision of your life, especially given the current scenario of the real estate market and the condo prices. It isn’t surprising to get emotionally attached to a Sathorn condo (คอนโด สาทร, which is the term in Thai) that you just saw. Nevertheless, multiple factors contribute to making your big purchase worthwhile.

Here is a compilation of all the essential things that you must bear in mind when purchasing a condo.

Location Plays A Good Role

This is one of the basic factors that you must take into account when purchasing a condo. The view that your condo windows overlook plays a crucial role, so it always pays to do a little homework and research on the future development plans of the surrounding vicinity. Though you would be owning the condo for the long-term, it is advisable to consider the resale plans. No matter how fancy and cool the neighborhood looks, you must never rely on them completely.

The Nearness of Quality Schools

In a majority of the cases, the condo market prices are determined by the quality of schools that are present in that location. Quality-driven schools make way for various offers and attract buyers. This is an imperative decision to take into consideration when buying a condo because you might not have kids now, but there are possibilities that you might have later on. A condo’s resale value shoots-up when it shares proximity with a good school.

Floor Planning of the Condo

Your condo’s exact square footage unit plays a key role. Conduct your research and get the buying price of your condo calculated about its size and get the cost per square foot. Try comparing this with the previous sales in the neighborhood deciding your purchase. Sometimes a good floor plan is all that you need for a happy living. According to recent researches, the floor plan with a good flood topped the list for the potential buyers.

The Final Condo Price

The investment on a Sathorn condo can prove to be one of the biggest, so it is worthwhile to learn about the final price beforehand and the fees that you have to dole out. You have to reach out to a mortgage consultant to find out about the affordable condos and to make sure the monthly costs and mortgage gets covered. 

Purchasing a Sathorn condo for yourself or as an investment property involves thrill and excitement. The ideal way to find out about your future condo is to research all its aspects thoroughly; starting from tenants to condo owners. 

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