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Bitten By A Dog? You Learn About Possible Compensation

If you’re thinking that you need a Denver dog bite attorney, then you might either want to file a lawsuit over a dog bite, or you might be liable for dog bite injuries caused by your dog. In either case, you need a personal injury attorney.

If you are suing over a dog bite injury, you might be able to get compensation. However, some legal statutes may intervene and result in a different conclusion. Personal injury laws vary from state to state, and what is punishable in one state might be overlooked in another.

What is a Statute of Limitations?

A statute of limitations sets a time limit within which victims of personal harm can file a lawsuit or claim in court. The lawsuit can no longer hold if the period has passed, even though the injury is verifiable. All US States have this law, the only difference being the stipulated time.

In Colorado, for example, the general statute of limitations for personal injuries is between 2-3 years, depending on the source of the wound. If you are considering a lawsuit over a dog bite, you should contact your Denver dog bite attorney within that time to stand a chance of getting compensated.

There are exceptions to this, however.

  1. If a case of attempted murder is possible: Murder cases do not have a statute of limitations. If the dog bite occurs on the premise of attempted murder, the court may stay the statute of limitation until the case is concluded.
  2. Absence of defendant: If the owner of the dog leaves the jurisdiction of the court within the period, the court may stay the statute of limitations until the dog owner is back.

Actual Bite Vs. Injuries

Most states permit victims to file lawsuits if they get bitten by a dog or are otherwise injured by the dog. Some states, however, only allow lawsuits if the dog bites the victim; if the victim is only injured in some other way and is not bitten, the owner may not be liable for damages.

States differ in personal injury laws, and your case may receive a different judgment for a similar case in another state.

Consult your Denver dog bite attorney to know what your state laws are regarding dog bites. They will grant you legal counsel on how you can file claims. And remember to get medical attention immediately you get bitten.

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